Hypoallergenic Dog Breeds

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Allergy sufferers who are sensitive to dogs may know pet dander is the main culprit causing their allergic reaction. What’s more, recent studies point to pet dander present in dogs that may worsen hay fever allergy symptoms.

Below is a list of dog breeds that are considered hypoallergenic. petMD does not favor one canine breed over another. These breeds produce fewer allergens, which make them a preferable choice for allergy sufferers. Also, there is no such thing as a 100 percent hypoallergenic pet. The following guideline recommends these canine breeds for people who want to adopt a dog, but are limited by allergies:

  • Airedale Terrier
  • Bichon Frisé
  • Chinese Crested (both hairless and Powderpuff)
  • Kerry Blue Terrier
  • Poodle (standard and miniature)
  • Portuguese Water Dog
  • Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier
  • West Highland White Terrier

Besides selecting a dog that may produce less dander in the home, it is also important to keep your indoor environment as free from airborne pollutants as possible. Use a HEPA air filter and vacuum bags to clean the air and filter out irritants a regular vacuum cleaner does not catch. Grooming your dog is often recommended, and letting them run outside as much as possible greatly reduces your dog shedding inside the home.

Image: John McStravick / via Flickr