Feline Diabetes is Directly Linked to Your Cat’s Diet

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Feline Diabetes Is Not A Cat And Mouse Game

Feline Diabetes is one of the most common feline endocrine diseases, and its directly linked to the high carbohydrate diet of dry food.

Feline Diabetes Is Not A Cat And Mouse Game! Your pet is caught in a serious type of disease.

And do not be under the impression that this disease is the ‘privilege’ of human beings alone!

Many canned foods contain too many carbohydrates, which your cat may eat with great speed and gusto; but your poor choices, will definitely damage the health of your pet.

Cats by nature are obligate carnivores and their system, as created by the nature is not suitable for a carbohydrate diet.

Just don’t put anything and everything before your cat. Understand its requirements, from its biological point of view.

Feline Diabetes is Directly Linked to Your Cat's Diet

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Feline Diabetes in cats means taken insulin shots … sounds odd? But, it’s true.

If the diabetic condition in your cat is a longstanding one, then insulin shots are necessary.

Once you start giving it the low carbohydrate diet, and once the cats recoup their original health, no further insulin shots are required.

“Feeding a diabetic cat with a high-carbohydrate diet is analogous to pouring gasoline on a fire and wondering why you can’t put it out.”

There are two types of diabetes – Type I and Type II. Type II is the more common, both in humans and in cats.

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Courtesy of VCA Animal Hospitals


But the cat has a unique metabolism.

Cats are obligate carnivores and are adapted to consume a diet that is high in protein, moderate in fat, and include a very small amount of carbohydrates (roughly 3 to 5%).

Since nature designed them thus, cats do not have many of the important enzymes that are necessary to process these types of foods.

So, it is not sufficient that you love your cat. You have to understand the cat and its food habits!

The food you give to your cat can put it in its grave!