Allergic Shock in Cats

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Anaphylaxis in Cats

Anaphylaxis is an emergency condition that occurs when a cat is exposed to a certain allergen after having been exposed to it previously. In extreme situations, this reaction can be fatal. The condition is unpredictable, as almost any substance can potentially cause an allergic reaction. The expected outcome is often good if the reaction is detected early and treatment is administered quickly.

Symptoms and Types

Symptoms of a severe allergic reaction include shock, breathing difficulties, vomiting, urination, and lack of bowel control. The onset can be quick, often within minutes of exposure to the allergen.


Virtually any environmental or ingested substance can cause anaphylaxis in cats. Causes may include insect stings, drugs, or food. If your cat comes into contact with a severe allergen, its body will typically react severely. The reaction can be localized, or there may be a systemic reaction. A serious trauma can also cause a similar type of reaction.


Your cat's reaction to an allergen can take place suddenly, and there are no current tests to determine whether a cat will be susceptible to a certain stimulus. However, skin allergen tests can be performed for many of the most common allergens if they are believed to be at the root of the problem. A severe reaction is considered a medical emergency and often requires hospitalization.

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Something that is related to the whole body and not just one particular part or organ


Anything that produces an action or reaction


Term used to refer to an animal's response to a certain substance, usually foreign; may include swelling, airway blockage, etc; may also be referred to as anaphylactic shock.


Any substance with the potential to produce an allergic reaction in an animal prone to such a reaction.


A type of hormone, also called adrenaline

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